Forex forums can be an invaluable resource for forex traders.  Whether you’re looking for new trade ideas, vetting your current trade ideas, looking for a new expert advisor or indicator, comparing brokers, or just looking to keep up with the latest forex market news, forums are an awesome resource when used correctly.  

Forex forums can be hit or miss; some are chock full of helpful trading information and an active user base, others are full of promotional spam, off-topic or unhelpful topics, and have little to no daily interaction from their users.  While the majority of forex forums broadly encompass many aspects of trading, some forums are focused exclusively on technical analysis, some on automated forex trading, some on forex signals, and some are simple market commentary forums.

Ultimately you’ll find a forum that fits your trading needs and find the community that is most helpful to you and your trading style.  Here’s our picks for the top forex forums for serious traders.

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1. Forex Factory

forexfactoryAny list of top forex forums would be incomplete without a mention of Forex Factory.  One of the largest and longest serving forums, Forex Factory was started back in 2004 and has had a steadily growing community since.  With solid, fair, and comprehensive moderation the forums have remained an unbiased venue for traders to discuss everything from manual trading systems, to custom indicators, to different trading platforms, to an impartial discussion of different forex brokers, to other markets like commodities and stocks.  

One of the most active forum boards is the “Trading Systems” board.  In here, anyone can post a manual or automated trading strategy and get feedback from the rest of the community.  Some strategies have literally hundreds of pages of comments and years worth of discussions, meaning the amount of time and resources poured into refining these forex trading strategies may be unmatched to just about anywhere on the web.

For example, take a look at the Forex Factory thread on the “Symphonie Trader System” – it’s been active since 2011 and has more than 18,000 posts from forum members.

2. Baby Pips’ Forum

babypipsforumBaby Pips has been a resource for those new to trading for over 10 years.  Their comprehensive “School of Pipsology” has taught many a forex newbie how to read charts, place trades, analyze currency pairs, and how to recognize chart patterns, to name just a few of the topics covered.  Many “graduates” may not realize that Babypips also has a thriving and expansive forex forum with topics covering everything from brokerages, to “holy grails”, to cryptocurrency topics.

Serious forex traders may enjoy the dedicated currency pair topics.  Babypips has published boards for each of the major trading pairs, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, and USD/JPY.  These are great places to get an idea of what other traders are hypothesizing about the movement of a specific currency pair over the next day, hour, week, or year and a great place to get a community’s perspective on your opinion on the pair.

3. Trade2Win

trade2winforumThe Trade2Win forums are more than just a forex forum, in fact Trade2Win’s forex board is just a small sub-section of its 25+ different boards.  Everything from binary options, to trading data feeds, to a trader-centric classifieds board are covered by Trade2Win.  Trade2Win also has a robust reviews section where unbiased reviews of brokers, trading magazines, trading platforms, and more can be found.

Trade2Win is great for serious forex traders who also dabble in other instruments, and are looking to have serious discussions about currency pairs, macroeconomic trends, and are looking for serious reviews of brokerages and trading products.

 4. Forex TSD

forextsdforumsForex TSD is a well-established forum with a significant automated and algorithmic trading community.  It’s a great place to swing by for both long-time automated traders and those who are completely new to automated trading.

The community at Forex TSD rely heavily on MetaTrader 4 and lesser so on MetaTrader 5, so if you use other forex trading platforms Forex TSD may not be the best forum for you, though it’s still probably worth a visit for the trading and trading strategy discussions.