September 2015 netted our signals and managed account programs a combined 11.87%.  The biggest gain was in our managed account program which saw a 21.03% increase over the course of the month.  Keep in mind the S&P 500 ended the month -2.64%.

Here’s the full breakdown

Theta Trader: +21.03%

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Lambda Ascent: +.16%

Omega Genesis: -1.32%

Omicron Growth: -8.00%

Our managed program, Theta Trader has had not only a tremendous September, but a tremendous 2015, having netted over 98% for the year!


Here’s some quick math – if you had invested just $10,000 into Back Bay Markets’ Theta Trader program in the beginning of this year, you would’ve made $13,593.20 (before fees) and had a balance today of $23,593.20!

For a limited time the $200 activation fee that is typically charged for all new accounts is being WAIVED.  This is a great time to get into the Theta Trader program.

(Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results.  Read our full risk disclosure)

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Market Recap

Looking at the FX market for September 2015 we saw a number of big moves and a few surprises.  Across the globe, markets have been in turmoil since the Chinese surprise devaluation of the Yuan earlier in August.  Emerging market currencies, US stocks, European stocks, and commodities have all seen losses throughout the past month.
usThe big question of when (and at this point, if!) the US Federal Reserve will increase interest rates remained unanswered as Yellen and the Fed decided again to leave rates unchanged despite a number of financial thinktanks speculating September would be the month the Fed finally raised rates.  This decision pushed the S&P500 down during the first week following the announcement. On the other hand, the yield on the 10-year Treasury Notes jumped on the news, closing higher at 2.166%.  Only time will tell if the Fed decides to raise rates in October, or later.

Iuknterest rate hike predictions in the UK have kept the pound from making any considerable gains against currency pairs, in fact the GBP/USD pair has toppled from a high of 1.5655 in mid-September to a month end in the area of 1.5111.  The United Kingdom had been the fastest growing economy in the developed world going into 2014.  Mid-way through 2014 a massive weakening of the GBP and the UK economy as a whole has continued well into 2015 as baskets of currencies have strengthened against the Pound.

jpJapan had relatively few surprises for currency markets. The Bank of Japan (BoJ) went forward with its stimulus and was backed up by the fresh Japanese government. The market-coined term, Abenomics, describes Japan’s three pronged attack on overcoming deflationary and boosting output, this stimulus package one of those prongs.

USD/JPY has bounced in a narrow range around the 120.00 figure with price action being choppy at times but never straying too far away from the big figure. There was and is some disappointment that the government has not yet progressed on big structural reforms, while the Bank of Japan indicated that the current rate of policy stimulus is about right as Japan has shown signs of a recovery.