October 2015 was a great month for Back Bay Markets signals and managed account subscribers – our signals programs grew combined growth of +29.76%

Lambda Ascent: -5.88%

Omega Genesis: +3.52%

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Omicron Growth: +3.13%

Theta Trader: +28.99%

Theta Trader, our best performing program, made a whopping 28.99% for October 2015, which brings Theta Trader’s total growth for 2015 to 189.8%.  That means if you had invested $5,000 with Theta Trader at the beginning of the year, your balance today would be nearly $14,500.  The power of compounding returns is invaluable and can really amplify your forex returns on an annual basis.

Just take a look at the growth of $5,000 invested in Theta Trader versus having invested in the benchmark for the stock market, the S&P 500.  You would today have a balance of $21,926 whereas with the S&P 500 you’d have a lowly $5,351


For a limited time we are still waiving the $200 technology integration fee that is normally charged to all new accounts subscribing to Theta Trader.

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Lambda Ascent, our longest running signals program was down for the month of October 2015, which for those of you who are not already subscribers is a GOOD thing for you.  Yes, a GOOD thing.  Take a look at these monthly returns:


Have you noticed the pattern? Each time Lambda Ascent has a losing month, it follows it up with a positive month.  There’s no reason Lambda to do otherwise this month.  That said, if you haven’t already watched our information Lambda Ascent video, the program is based off of retail forex sentiment data, so it’s not uncommon for the program to run into drawdowns before bouncing back with a great month.

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