After a tremendous October where Back Bay Markets’ signals returned nearly 30% to our subscribers, our signal retraced on its gained in November, with a combined performance of -8.36%

Lambda Ascent: +2.4%

Omega Genesis: +.9%

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Omicron Growth: -1.41%

Theta Trader: -10.35%

While Theta Trader recorded a loss for November, it is only the second time this year it has recorded a loss for a single month and just the third time in the past 2 years which it has had a negative month.  This represents a great time to join the Theta Trader program if you had been considering joining but weren’t sure when a good time to join would be.  Theta Trader is poised to make a comeback in the coming months, one you surely do not want to miss.  Especially considering we are still running our promotion waiving our $200 technology integration fee typically charged to all new accounts and lowered our minimum deposit to $5,000USD.

Theta Trader vs S&P 500

Lambda Ascent is on track to record yet another year in the black.  This would be the SIXTH year in a row Lambda Ascent has recorded a gain.  Consistency along these lines is not commonly found in forex signal or managed account programs, or really in any investment programs across markets.  Even Dan Loeb, owner of one of the biggest hedge funds, Third Point Capital, has had losses in the past 6 years – ending years 2014, 2013, and 2011 in the red.