In recent weeks we’ve seen a surge in crypto currencies across the board, namely DASH coin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.   What started the whole thing is a host of confluences such as China, Venezuela, and DASH’s new product roadmap (available in the second half of 2017)

What I’m going to mention to you today, is about something a little different, however I feel it’s an opportunity to make at least a 5,500% return this year; (Did I get your attention yet?) more on that later.

Today, we are going to talk about GameCredits.  That right, games. . . however don’t run away yet! It’s not about games per se it’s about the enabling funding options that don’t exist in the world today.   GameCredits is a cryptocurrency, available on most major digital exchanges under the ticker GAME.  GameCredits is a on the brink to releasing MobileGo* which will enable various payment options including credit cards.**

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* Exhibit 1:  GameCredits and MobileGo’s current roadmap released February 19th, 2017

Why is this important?  Because the crypto currency market has difficultly being funding from inception even through today.  Overall there is approximately $25B – $30B of funds in the current Crypto currency market, HOWEVER today in the world there is a money supply of over $60 TRILLION dollars.  (All information sources cite varying amounts). Because crypto currencies are new and unknown and lack confidence and conviction from consumers we won’t see a shift in for years to come. . . Right?  Wrong!

* Exhibit 2:  a visual of GameCredits funding options

Over the next couple of months I’m forecasting MobileGo to be built and operational for the gaming industry. It’s an approach to provide a centralized portal for developers and consumers in the gaming industry to access and pay for games.   However what isn’t documented is a series of indirect effects that will occur, changing cryptocurrencies and the funding forever.

While I believe their vision of a centralized marketplace for gamers and developers will occur, what I see happening is that would have effectively created a PayPal 2.0 for the digital currency marketplace.  A place where fait currencies would be exchanged to for a blockchain currencies. Years from now, the developers know this to be the case, and it’ll be easy enough for the core developers to change the company name, and Crypto name to a more apropos ticker; i.e. FUND.

Now to the numbers.  The current value of GAME is worth .22 cents a unit, and by the time the media sees it, and gets limelight (which tends to be in the $1B market cap range), ergo GAME would be at $12 a unit or a 5,500%.

p.s. a recent alliance, February 2017, has been formed with IBM and GameCredits, details are not disclosed. This continues to add “fuel to the fire” where back in November 2016 Datcroft Games is pioneering GameCredits as their payment system.

Is this a farce? Should I of written an article after GAME reached a $1B market cap, and then tell you “how good I am?”  Place your comments below and let’s talk.


Disclosure:  Author owns 21,000 Units of GAME Credits