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The world of currency trading is exciting, but it can also be very stressful. It is certainly not for everyone.

If you are frustrated with trading for yourself and just want professional traders to handle it for you, then our professional signals and managed accounts could be just what you are looking for. If that is the case, then you won’t be trading anymore and you will probably have some time on your hands…

Below are five exciting things you could be doing instead of trading Forex:

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Kawachi Fuji Gardens – Kitakyushu, Japan

The highest-resolution computer monitor in the world can’t compare to the rich palette of colors on display at the Kawachi Fuji Gardens (pictured at top). Famous for its Wisteria tunnel, visitors can walk inside a majestic pergola made up of millions of flowering wisteria plants with colors spanning the rainbow.

Your camera battery is likely to die before you run out of amazing sights to behold at this world-famous botanical center. Kitakyushu can be reached in just 5 hours from Tokyo by taking one of the high-speed trains.

Katikies Hotel – Santorini, Greece

Greece hotel

Image: designmilk/Flickr

While hundreds of excellent hotels abound in Greece, with easy access to pristine beaches and the clear blue sea, few establishments can compete with the Katikies Hotel. The views from the room are unparalleled, and the on-site dining facilities are fantastic.

But what truly wows visitors is the way all the rooms were carved out of the pristine white rock, transporting guests to an ethereal realm of light and air.

Santorini is an island on the Aegean Sea in southeastern Greece. It can be reached by bus from Fira (the capital of the island), by boat from the port of Skala, or by regular domestic flights from Athens. International airports connecting directly to Santorini include London, Rome, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam.

Ubud Infinity Pools – Bali, Indonesia

Infinity Pool - Ubud

Image: mcgraths/Flickr

Located in the heart of one of the world’s premiere tourist destinations, the infinity pools and hanging gardens of Ubud are truly spectacular. You’ll feel your stress disappearing as you watch the clear water cascade into the sea.

Hotels, as well as private accommodations for rent, means that there are lodgings suitable for every taste and budget.

Bali is an island in Indonesia, and is often called “The Island of Peace” or “Island of Love” by the locals. Regular domestic flights from the capital of Jakarta, as well as a cruise ship port at Karangasem, connect Bali to the outside world.

Dracula’s Castle – Bran Romania


Image: rakh1/Flickr

While no one can actually confirm that the real Dracula (known locally as Vlad the Impaler) ever ruled there, this spectacular castle in southern Romania is an amazing place to visit. With hundreds of rooms to explore, and a one-of-a-kind Halloween party every year, there are plenty of ghostly thrills to send a shiver down your spine.

Bran is located just a short drive away from Brasov in southern Transylvania. By bus or train, it’s about 3 hours from the capital of Bucharest.

Spending More Time with Family/Friends

Your wife is worried about your ghostly pallor from staying up late with the markets, and some of your friends see you more on social media than in real life. Why not put away the Forex for a while and spend more time with your family and friends?

Date Night

Pick a night and take your special lady out on a date. Dress nice, have an elegant meal, and then enjoy a little one-on-one time with the woman who supports and cares for you.

Call your Mom

You know it’s been way too long since you talked to her, and she doesn’t want a text or email. Hearing your voice will do your mom good, and it’s always a great time to reconnect.

Family Night In

Turn off the TV and video games and break out an old-fashioned board game or deck of cards. Whip up some snacks, and enjoy spending some time with your family.

See Your Friends

How long has it been since you hung out with your friends? Round up the gang and meet at your favorite local watering hole. If you’ve done so well lately on your trades, you can make the first round on you!


Excited yet? These are just a few of the things that you could be doing, instead of Forex trading. If it has frustrated you for too long, you might consider having our professionals provide trading signals for you.

It would free you up to do a lot more things…

Where would you go?




Header image: wicker-furniture/Flickr