2016 has been a great year for social trading – a few new strategies have emerged as solid and strong performers.  Only time will tell if these strategies will stand the test of time, more turbulent markets, or the next Swiss National Bank crisis, but in the meantime we are keeping our eyes on the following two promising forex social trading strategies.


SignalMatador Social Trading

A relatively new trading program, SignalMatador (at our partner, SignalTrader) has returned a stunning 83% in 4 months while maintaining an impressively low maximum drawdown of 6.90%.  Matador is averaging a little over 2 trades per day, a healthy but not excessive number, while the trades average a little over 16 hours in duration.  Impressively, Matador’s trade win rate is 83%. Another impressive feat Matador has achieved is maintaining a positive profit and loss across all but one currency pair, demonstrating a superior knowledge of not just one or two currency pairs, but the market as a whole.

SignalMatador Currency Pair Chart

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Social Trading at its Best

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Rosamunda22 Performance

Coming off of a 9-month winning streak, Rosamunda22 is positioned well to continue its winning streak through June and hopefully throughout the rest of 2016.  In its 9 months of trading, Rosamunda22 has returned 336.8%, averaging 37% per month.  Averaging nearly 7 trades per day, this strategy is best for those who like to see lots of trades.  Rosamunda22‘s trades are held on average 10 hours and has achieved nearly a 60% win rate.  A sign of a good trader, Rosamunda22‘s biggest trade is much larger than its biggest loser – the best trade netted 269 pips while the worst trade netted -158 pips.


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We’re anxious to see how these two strategies perform through June and beyond.  Meanwhile, we’re keeping our eyes open for the next top traders across a handful of top signal and social trading platforms including Zulutrade, eToro, and Signal Trader.  Do you have a favorite social trader?  Let us know in the comments below.